Referral Program with Orthodontic Scheduling Software

Referral Program

Are you a Sales Professional in Orthodontics field? We have a special rewards program just for YOU!

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Sales Professionals and Companies

Are you exposed to Orthodontists or their staff selling instruments, products, and other supplies on a regular basis? Do you currently own a business or earn a living working in sales, customer relations, or any field in the dental industry? Our referral program makes it possible to create a passive, second income for you while you are out and about living your routine!

Introduce OrthoMinds as a great service and software solution for one's practice and your job is done! When your recommendation converts from a referral to a new OrthoMinds customer, you will receive 10% of our monthly profits collected from the practice for 24 consecutive months! For example, if OrthoMinds were to collect $50,000 annually from the practice you referred, you would receive $5,000 per year for two years. That is $10,000 just for sharing the benefits of OrthoMinds! Imagine the difference just three successful referrals per year would make in your life!

Orthodontic Scheduling Software

Commission is always 10% of our collected monthly profits for 24 consecutive months. Collected monthly profits by OrthoMinds may vary depending on the Practice.